2019 Price List


C Series
C 150$6,300.00($5,800 + tax)
C 250$8,950.00($8,100 + tax)
C 375$9,995.00($9,200 + tax)
C 500$11,400.00($10,400 + tax)
G Series
G 100$8,950.00($8,200 + tax)
G 200$11,400.00($10,300 + tax)
G 400$14,450.00($13,400 + tax)
GS Series
GS 100$7,800.00($7,300 + tax)
G 200$9,800.00($9,300 + tax)
GS 400N/A
C Series

Coal only, grated updraft units.

G Series

Deluxe, ultra-efficient, downdraft units

GS Series

Simple, ultra-efficient, downdraft units, Most bang for the buck!

  • G series may be installed in a building for additional charge.
  • Call for price on commercial installation
  • Additional air handler hookup $8-900.
  • Shop or garage, with us providing air handler approx. $1,800. (includes up to 50′ of insulated pipe)

We offer flat rate install pricing.

Only $2,200 with furnace purchase!

5.3% Va sales tax on furnace not included.

Flat Rate Price Specifications:
  • For customers within 100 miles of Monterey, VA.
  • Customer is responsible for digging and covering ditch (6” wide x 12-24” deep) and pouring optional concrete pad. We can provide cement block at no charge. We recommend installing 6 inch conduit to slide the underground lines in. Conduit is not included in installprice.
  • Includes hookup for one water heater and one air handler or boiler.
  • Includes up to 100’ of insulated pipe, additional pipe $6/foot.
  • We light the first fire and provide thorough training.

Freight and delivery are included in price.

No hidden fees, period.