We are an outdoor stove dealership located in Highland County, Virginia. We sell and service HeatMasterSS boilers and carry parts for most other brands. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority! We have been in the stove business for over twelve years and have customers throughout Virginia and West Virginia including  Monterey, Harrisonburg, Staunton, Charlottesville, Lexington, Covington in Virginia , As well as Marlinton, Lewisburg, Elkins, Petersburg and Moorefield in Wv. We stock a good variety of the HeatMasterSS stoves on our lot, which makes the time from your call to our delivery or installation prompt.

Owner – Steve Good (Far Right)

Raised on a farm in Dayton, Virginia, Steve and his wife Lydia moved to Highland County in 2004.  For several years, Steve commuted to work in Dayton until he started Highland Welding.  After the business grew to several employees, he began searching for a line of dependable outdoor furnaces to carry, since there was a large demand in the county to replace older stoves that were rusting out.  After many inquiries into quite a few leading brands, he chose HeatMasterSS Outdoor Furnaces.  Steve knew the importance of quality stoves since he envisioned selling quite a few over the next several years and wanted to make sure that what they provided would have a good warranty, as well as, a solid company with a long history of customer satisfaction to back them up.  HeatMasterSS has proved to be a great choice, as Highland Outdoor Stoves has experienced good growth each year. Steve heats his shop with a B-250  and house with a G-7,000 HeatMasterSS.


Owner/Install Manager – Mark McLaughlin (Far Left)

Born in the Adirondack Mountains of New York, Mark has been heating homes with wood all his life. Working for HVAC and carpentry gave him a helpful knowledge of heating systems and construction, which are both highly involved in outdoor stove installations. He moved to Virginia in 2013, and started working for Steve directly. After working in the welding shop for a year, he was moved to helping with the excavation and stove businesses. He built his own house and heats strictly with a HeatMasterSS P-7,000, running radiant heat through the basement floor and also a small heater cabinet on the main floor. Keeping the house warm during the winter months for his Georgia born wife is paramount to him. Because he manages most of the installs, he has a great knowledge about the many different heating hook-up options.


Timothy Heatwole (Middle Right)

Born and raised on a farm in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia gave Timothy the drive to put his mind to the project and get it done. He now resides in Highland County and when he not installing stoves He’s either mowing lawns with his lawn care business, or He’s tapping sugar maples to make maple syrup.


Ian McGuire (Middle Left)

Born in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Ian is no stranger to the cold. He has been helping on installs for quite sometime and is a very valuable part of the team.